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Bell of Taisho

Tokyo, 1912: The central symbol of the peace exhibition has been stolen! Find the bell and the thief before it's too late...

The Magical Journey of the Wizard's Apprentice

Yokohama–a place where magic lives and breathes. When an evil shadow threatens, only you can seal it back the spellbook from which it escaped.

The Tale of the Undersea Palace

The beautiful kingdom under the sea is in danger! Follow the clues and get help from mythical friends to save it!

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About Us

Nazobako was founded in August of 2015. In the years since we opened our first establishment and we have created, designed, and facilitated a wide range of puzzle-based games and experiences, including escape games, outdoor scavenger hunt games, and corporate team-building events.

Nazobako Team

Top 3 Features of Nazotabi Scavenger Hunt

These days everyone needs a break. After years of running the popular escape game facility Nazobako, our team of designers have the know-how to create immersive puzzle experiences that give players an out-of-this-world experience. We have turned those skills towards creating scavenger hunt games that give you those same escape game sensations in an outdoor setting.

Exercise your mind and body

As you walk around to different places solving puzzles, your mind and body will both be moving and grooving. Nazotabi's puzzles and story are immersive and engaging. The places that you are taken to are so interesting, that you won't even notice how far you've walked! And when you solve a puzzle, you get to relish that special "AHA!" sensation, that will refresh your hardworking mind and body.


Play while social distancing

Nazotabi takes place completely outdoors, meaning you can effectively social distance while paying. There's no set date or time limit, so you get to choose when you play and with whom you play. Have fun while staying safe!

Fully bilingual game experience

Does your group of players contain both Japanese and English speakers? No problem! As with all of our games, Nazotabi is supported fully in both English and Japanese. This means all of the game texts, hints, instructions–everything is written in both languages or is language-neutral. You don’t have to choose between different versions. Everyone in your group can play and solve the puzzle together. Nazotabi presents a great opportunity to use the language you know best while learning more about another!

Our Scavenger Hunt is Recommended For...


Nazotabi is the perfect outing for friends. Take a walk around town, but add a fun game to go along with your excursion! There is no group limit, so bring as many friends along as you want. You can even split into teams and compete against each other for more fun! At this time when many activities are limited, Nazotabi is a way for your friends to try a fun new activity together safely.



Nazotabi is a chance for families to spend quality time with each other…out of the house. The game has a little something for everyone–young children and older adults will have fun just the same. If you’re feeling stuck at home, this is a safe activity that lets you explore new places outside with the ones you love.


Playing Nazotabi on a date together is almost like going on a mini-trip. You get to explore new spots and sights, expand your mind, and learn more about each other in the process. Your adventure out and about together solving puzzles will create lasting memories.❤️


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