To our valued customers
2020/6/1 Update

Invite Japan and Escape Game Nazobako are deeply concerned with the safety of our customers and staff.
As such, we have decided to extend the temporary closing of our permanent escape game facility, Nazobako Tokyo.
Going forward, we will be taking every precaution in accordance with requests from the government and local municipalities as they start to relax stay-at-home restrictions, as well as taking into account the situation both inside and outside our company when determining any decisions about reopening. We will be sure to inform you of any new updates in the coming days and weeks.
We hope you continue to stay safe and well.

Best Bilingual Escape Rooms in Tokyo​

Challenge Yourself To Beat the Clock!

Zen Escape Room

2~5 Players | Beginner | 60 min

Taking place in a Zen dojo, your  master challenges you to a personal mission. Amidst the challenges that you are confronted with, will you attain true enlightenment?

Samurai Espionage Escape Room

2~5 players | Intermediate | 60 min

You are samurai serving under the Shogun during the Edo period. The Shogun receives a letter about an assassination. The assassin will attempt to break into the Shogun’s castle and you must protect him his life is in your hands!

Ninja! Theater of Mysteries Escape Room

2~5 Players | Advance | 60min

As a ninja, you have been secretly contacted about the existence of a new and powerful piece of technology that could transform the world.

Why Our Players Trust Us

Five-star service and friendly atmosphere



As soon as you step out of the elevator, our staff will greet you warmly and with a smile. Nazobako Tokyo provides a welcoming atmosphere for inexperienced and veteran players alike. Even if this is your first time playing an escape game, our staff will give you a full explanation of what to expect and will help you through the process (including extra hints if you get stuck).

Bilingual Staffs

Being able to offer a 100% bilingual (English and Japanese) escape game environment is something we are very proud of. Few other escape game companies in Japan can offer the same kind of completely bilingual services that we can. All of our rooms and puzzles are in both languages, and our staff is equipped to guide players, answer phone calls, deal with customers, and answer emails in both as well. As our staff is international and multiethnic, we are able to provide services in some other languages as well (such as Tagalog, French, Hebrew, Spanish)

Highly Reviewed

With over 267 reviews on Google, Escape Game Nazobako Tokyo is one of the highest-reviewed escape rooms in the city. From beginning to end, our goal is to provide you with the best escape game experience, whether this is your first or hundredth time playing.We are sincerely grateful to all our customers for taking the time to share their reviews and feedback with us.

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Who Can Play Our Escape Rooms?

Our escape games are designed for anybody and everyone!


Are you visiting the city and looking for a fun and crazy activity to do? Or maybe you’re an experienced escape gamer who has played all over the world. Visitors to Japan and Tokyo will have an awesome and memorable time here at Escape Game Nazobako Tokyo! Our staff can provide full service in English (plus other languages as well), and our room themes are sure to delight anyone interested in Japanese history and culture.

Families & Friends

Anyone at any age can play! Our escape rooms and puzzles will amaze both kids and adults alike. While our puzzles are designed more for adults, we have had many groups of kids come play in our rooms and have fun (some people have even brought babies inside). Perfect for dates, birthday parties. couples, friends, and coworkers—and because we’re bilingual, mixed language groups are ok!

Corporate Events

Looking for a fantastic team building game for your company or work team? Escape Game Nazobako Tokyo provides a great experience to work on communication and cooperation skills while having some fun at the same time! We can accommodate up to 30 players at once in our facility. And if you’re looking for events for larger groups or other activities besides escape games, we offer a large selection of programs through our corporate event company, Invite Japan.

Fully Bilingual & 5 Star Service

Because our wonderful staff is made up of many non-Japanese, we have the unique ability to provide high-quality service in a number of languages: Japanese and English of course, but also Tagalog, French, Spanish, Hebrew and more!

Bilingual escape rooms
Japanese themed escape rooms

Japanese-themed Puzzles and Escape Rooms

In our “Zen”,“Samura Espionage” and “Ninja! Theater of Mysteries” escape rooms, players get the chance to physically interact with Japanese culture and history. The rooms and the objects inside have all been designed to have the look and feel of Old Japan, allowing guests to literally step into Japan’s past and explore. It is one reason why our games are so popular.

Asakusa, Tokyo is The Perfect Place For Sightseeing

Our facility is just a short walk from the heart of Asakusa, making it easy to plan a sightseeing trip before or after the game! Sensouji-Temple, Kaminarimon, Nakamise-douri, and all the famous tourist spots are within a 10-minute walk from our facility! We are also close to many hotels in the area, so if you have time to kill, stop on by!

Tokyo sightseeing


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What is an Escape Room?

Escape games at Nazobako Tokyo allow you to jump right into a mystery and take the leading role. When you enter one of our escape games, it’s like entering into a completely new world filled with adventures and puzzles to solve. Once the timer starts, you only have 60 minutes to go through the story by completing all the challenges, and press the final escape button.

As the name suggests, “escape rooms” are a type of activity where you are “locked” inside of a space and have to solve puzzles in order to get out. Each room has a different theme and storyline (Zen, Samurai, Ninja, etc.), as well as unique puzzles and mysteries to solve. There is only one to succeed, and that’s by working together!

What’s Special About Nazobako Tokyo?

1. Fully Bilingual Staff and Puzzles! Don’t be afraid of not knowing any Japanese, we are fully equipped to handle English-speaking groups as well as Japanese and mixed groups. (Japanese and English are always available, but we can also offer services in Tagalog, French, Hebrew, Spanish, and more.)

2. Japanese-themed rooms! Have you always wanted to touch and feel Japanese history? Maybe you’ve wanted to step inside a Samurai or Ninja film? Well here is your chance! All of our rooms are related to Japanese history and culture, making for a one-of-a-kind game experience.

3. We don’t mix groups! Other escape game companies mix different groups together in the same room. Nazobako never does this, allowing you to play only with the people you come together with. 

4. Location, Location, Location! One of our best features is our proximity to the delightful and historical Asakusa area (only a short walk from Sensoji Temple!)

The Escape Game Nazobako Tokyo Experience

Disconnect from your smartphones, and enjoy quality bonding time with your friends, family and coworkers–free from distractions!

Whether you are 7 or 70, anyone can play and enjoy our game rooms and enjoy them together. Our puzzles appeal to a wide spectrum of players and groups, and with our rooms being 100% bilingual, there is no reason to be afraid of not knowing enough Japanese.  

Prepare to use a variety of different skills and intelligences: your powers of observation, investigation, and inference, your imagination and intuition, as well as your logical reasoning and communication skills in order to succeed to the finish line. 

And when things get tough, our hint system will be there for you. We have an envelope hint system inside the room that you can use freely and independently, as well as a hint button in case you want to call in a staff member to give you an extra nudge in the right direction. 

1. Your mission: Complete all the puzzles within 60 minutes.

2. The only way to succeed is to work together–now is not the time to stay quiet in the corner.

3. No matter if you succeed or fail, you’ll have a great time and feel refreshed afterwards (solving puzzles has similar psychological effects to working out)

4. Rather than passively having fun, our games allow you to take charge of your experience, stimulate your mind, and engage with your group on a whole new level .

No matter who you are playing with—friends, family, partners, coworkers—we guarantee that your relationship with them will only grow deeper. Our escape games sweep you away from the ordinary routines of daily life, and require teamwork, cooperation, and communication in order to succeed. The results might surprise you, as many players take on different roles and utilize different skills than they would normally otherwise. 

Plus, we never mix different groups together in any of our rooms, giving you and your friends or family the chance to fully grow together as a team. 

Our puzzles can be enjoyed by anyone! They are designed to be as language-neutral as possible, meaning that your enjoyment of the game is not dependent on knowing a certain language. 

If this is your first escape room experience, don’t worry! Nazobako is the perfect place to dip your feet in the world of escape games. We have three different room levels—beginner, medium, and hard—so that you can choose the level of difficulty that you will face. Our game masters are also extremely helpful and welcoming, and will make sure that the entire experience is enjoyable from start to finish (including by providing extra assistance if you need it). 

HIdden Secrets Journey – An Outdoor Puzzle Adventure

Enjoy the fresh air while solving puzzles! HSJ is an outdoor scavenger hunt game that leads you on an incredible journey through the alleys and backstreets of Asakusa–perfect for dates, family outings, and groups of friends. As you follow the puzzle map, you will be guided to interesting, historical, and sometimes mysterious areas that are not on your typical tourist to-do-list. It’s a great way to explore the city while having fun and exercising both your brain and your body. There is no time limit, so you can go at your own pace and stop for meals, snacks, or drinks along the way. Plus, all hints and answers are easily accessible on your phone using our QR code system. Ready to start your journey? Click below to find out more or purchase.