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Nazobako Team

Welcome to Nazobako Tokyo

Nazobako was founded in August of 2015. In the years since we opened our first establishment and we have created, designed, and facilitated a wide range of puzzle-based games and experiences, including escape games, outdoor scavenger hunt games, and corporate team-building events.

Our core animating philosophy is that puzzles bring people together. Whether it’s families, friends, couples, or coworkers, we firmly believe that puzzles can forge stronger relationships between people and overcome boundaries such as language, age, and nationality. As an internationally-staffed company based in Japan, we are also focused on bridging Japan and the rest of the world. All of our services and products are fully bilingual in order to facilitate relationship-building regardless of language.
Since closing our escape game facility in Asakusa due to covid in 2020, our team has shifted to new ways of working. Now based out of our office and workshop space Nazobako Lab, we continue to create and produce new puzzles and activities for customers and teams. No matter what day-to-day life throws your way, we hope that our puzzles will put a smile on your face and give you a sense of wonder and exhilaration at the mysteries all around.

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