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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an outdoor scavenger hunt game?
With our outdoor scavenger hunt games (Nazotabi), players are guided to specific locations around town with the help of a puzzle map. At each location, players search around sign boards, monuments, statues, building facades, etc. for clues that correspond to each puzzle in the puzzle book. Players then solve the puzzle and continue on to the next location indicated until they finish all the puzzles in the puzzle book. The puzzles test different skills like observational skills, looking for patterns, math skills, deciphering codes, and many others.
Where can I buy a Nazotabi kit?
You can purchase Nazotabi kits through our website. Each kit costs ¥2,000 (tax incl.) Please be aware that at this point in time, you cannot purchase Nazotabi on-site.
After purchasing a kit, how long will it take for it to be delivered?
After purchase, it should take around 2~3 days for the game kit to reach your home by post. If the purchase was made before a weekend, delivery may take a few additional days.
Is there a specific order that must be followed when solving the puzzles?
Yes. The order of the puzzles in the puzzle book is constructed in a way that allows players to follow the path of the story. Furthermore, in order to complete the Final Mission at the end of the game, players will need to solve all the preceding puzzles.
Is it OK to take breaks while playing the game?
Yes, of course! There is no time limit for the game, so you can choose to take breaks as frequently as you like. We also encourage you to take this opportunity to explore areas, stores or restaurants that interest you, and to freely make the experience your own. Our goal is that you have fun together and bond with your teammates!
Is there a time limit?
No, there is no date or time limit, so please feel free to play whenever and for as long as you would like. On average, it takes about 3~4 hours for players to complete the game (including breaks). If you get tired, you can even complete the game over a number of days. Or, if you need a challenge, you can try completing the game in 90 minutes with no hints.
What happens if I get stuck or need help?
Nazotabi uses an online/QR code hint system, accessible by smartphone. On each puzzle page you can find a QR code. When you access this QR code on your smartphone, you will be taken to a web page with a number of different button options, including help finding the location, hints to solving the puzzle, and the answer itself. In cases where it isn’t possible to see a place indicated in the puzzle book (due to construction, store closings, events, or some other circumstance), you can access the web page to check the answer and continue with the game.