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Due to government’s declaration of a state of emergency to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s request for self-restraint, the facility will be closed for the time being.
Any subsequent response will be based on announcements made by the government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We will keep you posted as to the expected reopening of the facility.
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Ninja! Theater of Mysteries

Ninja! Theater of Mysteries Escape Room

As a ninja, you have been secretly contacted about the existence of a new and powerful piece of technology that could transform the world. Currently it is being housed in an old Kabuki theater, but it is not safe–a rival ninja clan is on the hunt for it. Will you be able to find and protect the new technology before it’s too late?

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Kabuki! Theater of Mysteries Escape Room




60 min


2-5 Players



Great day out with the Mrs. The game really exposed our individual strengths and weaknesses, proving we are a good team/couple. Though we failed... in a super fun way. We will be back!

James L.

Yelp Review

As two escape game lovers (including one French Escape Hunt Game Master), we definitely had to come and try NAZOBAKO Tokyo once. And it was sure really cool! The Game Masters are really nice and English friendly. Their explanations are really clear, so you don't need to worry if you're not talking any Japanese. The place is easy to find and really clean.

Romain B

Google Review

Really good. Rooms are very well done. 1 hour per room. Not as technologically advanced as other escape rooms I've been to in other countries, and this is surprising since it's what Japan is known for. But I guess they make up for it with their traditional puzzle solving culture.

James N

Google Review

I went with colleges from the office. It was our first time in an escape room for most of us. I don't remember when it was the last time I had so much fun. It was really great experience. We had to squish our brains to solve the puzzles and escape. Also, the stuff was very friendly.

Gabriel S

Facebook Review

Ninja! Theater of Mysteries

For Your Eyes Only– Meiji 32, November

Ninja of the Iga clan, there is not much time. I am an actor in this theater, who has been working as a secret spy and ally of your clan. The secret technology that you seek is here–for now. The Koga ninja clan, your sworn enemy, has infiltrated the theater in order to steal its secrets for themselves to use against Japan. They have already laid traps for you inside this theater to prevent you from reaching it. But have no worries, ninja. I have scattered hints along the way that you can use to help you pass these challenges if you get into trouble. I can also send you one of my agents if you call for help. You must hurry though! You only have one hour until the Koga comes to claim the technology and use it for evil. If you do not succeed your clan will be destroyed and all hope for Japan’s future will be lost. Good luck!, P.s. Perhaps one day you will be able to see one of my great performances. 

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