Nihonbashi Scavenger Hunt Adventure

The Tale of the Undersea Palace

Explore Nihonbashi in a whole new way!


Once upon a time….

In the metropolis of Tokyo, there was a famous bridge known as Nihonbashi.
One day, near that bridge, on the banks of the river,
as you were enjoying a stroll, you came upon a strange sight:
a giant turtle pulled itself out of the water and started to come closer to you.”Don’t be afraid”, it said. “I am a messenger from the Undersea Kingdom. We are in danger and in need of your assistance.

Can you help us? You are known for your puzzle-solving skills, and in order to save our beautiful kingdom, you must pass a number of challenges. If you agree to this quest, you will save not only our world but yours as well. Your first challenge is to find the scroll….to save the future you must start with the past.”

With that, the turtle disappeared, and so your journey begins.

The rest of your story will unfold in the following pages…

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Order Your Kit

You can order your game kit from our online store.


Get Your Kit

Your puzzle kit will be sent to your address by mail.


Arrive in Nihonbashi

Grab your kit and head to head to Nihonbashi Station whenever you want!


Start Playing

Use your map and puzzle book to guide you as you walk around to different locations and solve puzzles. If you get stuck you can use our online hint system.


Complete the Final Mission!

Once you have completed all the puzzles in the book, you can access the final mission using a QR Code. Solve this last challenge and you clear the game!

The Tale of the
Undersea Palace

Regular price:
2,000 yen (tax included)


The perfect activity to do with your best friend(s). Both small and large groups will be able to have fun together. And you can even split up into teams and compete against each other! 


HSJ is fun for any age, you can practice safe social distancing while walking around, and you can take as many snack and lunch breaks as you want in entertaining Nihonbashi!⭐️


Puzzles are a good way to get closer to the ones you love
And if you get tired, stop for a quick break at a cafe or restaurant for extra date fun.

Are you ready to start your
outdoor scavenger hunt journey?

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