Scavenger Hunt in Shibuya, Tokyo


Explore Shibuya in a Whole New Way

We will show you Shibuya like you’ve never seen it before. Invite Japan and Tokyu Corporation are teaming up to create a scavenger hunt adventure…ShibuyAHA!


What is Scavenger Hunt?

First off, you might be wondering what a “scavenger hunt” is exactly. Basically, it’s a game where you go to different locations in order to solve different puzzle and challenges. For ShibuyAHA!, you will be given a book of puzzles to solve, as well as a map with the locations of all the puzzles. At each puzzle location, you’ll use the clues in the puzzle book to find a particular landmark (like a statue, mural, store sign, building) and use that to solve the puzzle and write down the answer. At the end, when you have solved all the puzzles at each location, you’ll be able to complete the finale puzzle and finish the game.

Scavenger Hunt

How to Play

Step 01

Go to Shibuya

we recommend starting around Shibuya crossing (exit 8 of Shibuya station). Explore the area and solve the mystery with our ShibuyAHA kit and don’t forget to have fun.

Step2 (1)


take a walk through the trendy and vibrant neighbourhood and discover new places.


Solve the Mystery

find the right answers to the riddles while you make your way through the streets and alley ways.

Step4 (1)


Solve the final mystery and finish your quest.

Start your new adventure with our new & Improved Scavenger Hunt

A Fun & Unique Scavenger Hunt to Enjoy the Beauty of Shibuya

Experience That “Aha!” Feeling!

What is the difference between a "scavenger hunt", "treasure hunt" and "geocaching"?

In a treasure hunt, players are usually trying to find something that is hidden or buried, like treasure or a mysterious object. Geocaching is a newer phenomenon, and allows players to use a global positioning system (GPS) to find certain containers, called “geocaches”. These usually contain a logbook and pen and pencil so that players can make a note that they found the cache. With geocaching, the fun lies in using the coordinates to go trekking into some unknown area rather than in find the object itself. “Scavenger” hunts is a broad term that could be used to cover treasure hunts and geocaching. Here, we use scavenger hunt to mean basically “going on a hunt to find things”. Players of ShibuyAHA! find different landmarks around Shibuya in order to complete puzzles and challenges. The fun is in the exploration of the city, the search for these landmarks, and the mental activity of solving puzzles–and of course, spending quality time with your friends or family.

Who Can Play ShibuyAHA?

Short answer: anyone! Old people, young people, puzzle masters and beginners, foreign tourists and Japanese residents–everyone can enjoy playing ShibuyAHA! While the game is designed for adults, kids can definitely join along and have fun exploring, discovering, and using their brains (we do recommend that younger children be accompanied by an adult). And even if you’ve never had a knack for puzzles, this game is a great way to ease yourself into the world of puzzle-solving since there is an online hint system to help you if you get stuck.

How Should I Prepare for a Scavenger Hunt?

There’s not really much preparation involved. We give you everything you need–book, map, even a pencil (we do suggest you use a smartphone with wifi connection for finding your way around and using our hint system, and for the finale). We also recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothes–there is some walking involved–and to check the weather so you can dress appropriately. Other than that, all you need to bring with you is your brain and a sense of adventure.

Scavenger Hunt Tokyo



Shibuya: one of the hippest areas in Tokyo. Neon lights and flashing billboard screens, hip fashion, crowds of party-goers and trendy restaurants–all combine together in this one dynamic place. You might have have visited the Hachiko statue, or strolled across the famous scramble, but get ready to take part in a brand new experience that will show you Shibuya like you’ve never seen it before. Invite Japan and Tokyu Corporation are teaming up to create a scavenger hunt adventure…ShibuyAHA!


Frequently Asked Questions

ShibuyAHA! is a puzzle/scavenger hunt game that leads you through the streets and back-alleys of Shibuya. You’ll be able to discover hidden statues and impressive views, search for clues in exciting neighborhoods, and explore off-the-beaten track locations around Shibuya station. Plus along the way, you’ll get to check out cool stores like [Names of Participating Stores] and find out fascinating facts about the area, its culture, and history.

Sounds like fun. right? Read on below to find more about this new game. I’ll answer all your questions about ShibuyAHA and let you know what you can expect!

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We can’t give too much away. But, we can say that the puzzles test different skills like math, pattern-finding, translating codes and ciphers, spatial reasoning. For all the puzzles though, you will have to find the landmark and pay attention to details on or around the landmark. You will then have to use these details to solve the puzzle. The answer will usually be a word or phrase relating in some way to Shibuya.

Yes of course! There is no time limit or time constraint so you can take breaks whenever you feel like it. In fact, we encourage you to explore areas or stores that interest you on your way. Need a coffee? Stop at a cute cafe for a bit or grab it to go. Out with a group of friends? Stop for a beer or some bubble tea. The goal is always to have fun with the people you are with, so we invite you to tailor your experience however you see fit.

Again, there is no time limit, so you can go as fast or as slow as you like. You could even break up ShibuyAHA! over a couple of days if that’s what you want to do. Generally though, at an average pace and in one session, we would say it takes about 3~4 hours total, including a few breaks. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! On each page of the puzzle book is a QR code that allows you to access our online hint system. And for each puzzle we have a number of hints, including how to find the landmark, how to solve each step of the puzzle, and the answer itself. If you get really stuck on a puzzle (or if there is construction or closures in an area) you can always check the answer and move on.  Even the finale has this same system.

I hope we’ve been able to answer most of your questions, and that you’re now in the mood to come try out ShibuyAHA! Invite Japan and Tokyu Corporation have worked to bring you a unique, creative, and fun adventure for you to explore Shibuya with. Good luck and happy puzzling!

Are you ready to start your scavenger hunt journey?

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