Nazotabi Scavenger Hunt in Yokohama!
Nazobakoi Scavenger Hunt is the best way to explore Yokohama’s hidden gems and explore its history and culture at your own pace. It’s an experience not to be missed!

An exciting and fun way to explore Yokohama on foot, Nazotabi Scavenger Hunt engages children and adults alike to discover new places, and learn about Yokohama's culture and history!

About Yokohama Scavenger Hunt

This Japanese-style adventure activity takes players to various locations in Yokohama. All clues are available in both English and Japanese so it’s great for practicing either language, too. Participants can choose to go solo or team up with other players to work together. Locate the clues by interacting with the urban environment to find items, solving puzzles, solving riddles, or completing tasks.

Fun for all ages

Nazotabi Scavenger Hunt is suitable for families, corporate events or even schools looking for fun ways to explore Yokohama. All our staff speaks Japanese and English, making it a great opportunity to try something new with your kids while learning more about Japan.

Learn more about Yokohama

If you’re looking for an interactive activity that combines fun with learning, then look no further! Nazotabi Scavenger Hunt is great for all types of events like family gatherings, corporate events, or school field trips. Be sure to make your reservation before it’s too late!

How To Play Our Yokoma Scavenger Hunt


Order Your Kit

You can order your game kit from our online store.


Get Your Kit

Your puzzle kit will be sent to your address by mail. (it will take around~3 days).

Arrive in Yokohama

Grab your kit and head to Motomachi-Chukagai station whenever you want!


Start Playing

Use your map and puzzle book to guide you as you walk around to different locations and solve puzzles. If you get stuck you can use our online hint system.

Complete the Final Mission!

Once you have completed all the puzzles in the book, you can access the final mission using a QR Code. Solve this last challenge and you clear the game!

Perfect For All Types Of Events Like Family Outings, Corporate Events, school field trips or even Dates

Family and Friends Gathering

Nazotabi is the perfect outing for friends. Take a walk around town, but add a fun game to go along with your excursion! There is no group limit, so bring as many friends along as you want. You can even split into teams and compete against each other for more fun! At this time when many activities are limited, Nazotabi is a way for your friends to try a fun new activity together safely.



Nazotabi is a chance for families to spend quality time with each other…out of the house. The game has a little something for everyone–young children and older adults will have fun just the same. If you’re feeling stuck at home, this is a safe activity that lets you explore new places outside with the ones you love.


Playing Nazotabi on a date together is almost like going on a mini-trip. You get to explore new spots and sights, expand your mind, and learn more about each other in the process. Your adventure out and about together solving puzzles will create lasting memories.❤️


Corporate Event

Nazotabi Scavenger Hunt is the perfect way to get outside with your team and have fun. And since it us up to you when you do it, it makes planning a quick team building activity easy!

School Field Trips

Switch up the same regular school excursion, or add a scavenger hunt to your class trip! This is a great way to get students active, and engaged in learning and using problem solving skills. It also helps build class unity and the relationships between students.

Plan your event, Family Bonding, or Your Team Building Event!